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You’re an entrepreneur ready to make your mark in the internet world, but you have no idea where to start. Sure you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars getting this information in college, or you can research the heck out of everything online and your local resources. But eventually you will get to the point where you are tired of scavenging for the information. I remember one day I was thinking to myself, I wish that all this information could be found so easily in one place instead of wasting my time hunting for information. Well guess what? There IS such a goldmine for entrepreneurs like you, especially if you’re a newcomer blogger.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can get the ball rolling immediately.
Wealthy Affiliate offers so many tools and resources for entrepreneur to turn their passions and ideas into a successful and thriving business online. Build your own website & blog immediately.

But today, I wanted to let you all know about the memberships Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, and at the end hopefully you will find a membership that works for you.

When I first signed up, I tried the FREE Membership.

FREE Starter Membership- $0

As a free member you have a limited access to the training and resources Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. The benefit though is that you get to a glimpse of what they have to offer, and trust me once you check it out, you will definitely be wanting the full premium experience.

You get access to the first part of their training which gives you the opportunity to build up to 2 free websites. As a free member you will not have access to communicate or network with other fellow entrepreneurs but when you first sign up they do give you this opportunity for a few days so you can really see how connecting with others truly benefits your success. Premium trainings and videos are also not accessible through the free membership.

Of course if you are reading this then we know you are a serious entrepreneur and you are ready to start your online presence, ready to build your website, get your blog running and start making money. This is why you will love going premium.

1st Month Premium- $19

The first month going premium will cost $19 which is a discounted price from the normal charge of $47/month. You get full premium access. After you find that this is something you are ready to fully commit to, the second month and thereafter you will be charged the regular $47.

>>>PREMIUM Membership- $47<<<

When I chose to go fully premium I was a little hesitant. I felt like $47 for a starter business is a little steep. But you must understand that this is a wealth of knowledge, resources, step-by-step trainings, networking potential, and community support. It really is not that costly in comparison to trying to do it any other route. Also, it is a month-to-month commitment. You can choose to pay yearly and it comes out even cheaper that way. Also you need absolutely NO technical experience to do any of this. It really is a step-by-step resource that shows you how to do everything, and when you do have questions there is an incredible community to support you in your endeavors.

Seriously, once you sign up for the free membership you will see how easy it is to start your business immediately, and you’ll definitely be wanting to go premium. Also be sure to check out their amazing and quite generous affiliate program once you sign up for free. You get double the benefits once you go premium, but I will save that for another blog to come.

Here’s a side by side comparison from the free starter membership to the premium:

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