Email Addresses Your Business Needs

Email Addresses Your Business Needs

Basic Email Addresses Your Business Needs

In this digital age, there is a certain amount of professionalism expected by your clients, or potential clients when it comes to emailing. It is important that your business has the right form of communication readily organized and prepared for your business’s future growth. If you have not done so already, I highly encourage you to purchase your own domain. This way you have personalized emailing such as instead of emailing from places like @yahoo, @gmail, @msn. Having your own domain email address adds a level of professionalism and etiquette that your clients are taking note of. Additionally, no efficient business woman wants to spend valuable time filtering through every email trying to figure out what category each fits in. Here is where these 6 key email addresses will help establish an organized emailing system for your business.


Used for clients that would like to inquire about more information.


Connect with your clients on a personal level. Using your name gives your clients a sense of trust, knowing that they are talking to a real person, and not someone random, or an automated emailing system. They want to know they are talking to you.


Social Media is an absolute MUST in this modern world. Use this email for all things regarding social media.


Depending on what type of business you have, it is highly likely that if you are providing a good or service that your clients are going to need support. This email in particular is very important and builds your reputation for excellent customer service.


Use this account to deal with your client’s payments. Easily manage all payments and billing information whether you are sending or receiving.


Very popular but also very general based. Problem with this is that your client may be contacting you about anything. If you are offering goods or services, you want to narrow it down and have a more role based emailing, for better organization and management.

Of course there are many other email addresses and variations of the ones listed above that you can setup to suit your business needs. But these are just some basic ones, commonly used for professional businesses. If you would like to see more email address options check out my full list here

If you have no idea of how to set up these email addresses for your businesses, or would like to save yourself some valuable time, contact me at: or check out my Email Organization & Management packages here, and I will do all the work for you, making sure that your emails are set up for your business’s success.

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