“Jane” of All Trades: Virtual Assistance Empowering Business Women

After a long, exhausting, and frustrating day, I was thinking of how stressful and overwhelming it is to be a woman in the business world. Women wear many hats full of responsibilities that come with each role, and for me personally, that being all the hats I wear day to day from being a mother, sister, daughter, wife, student, entrepreneur, educator, mentor, and that just being a few. I found myself exhausted, worn down, and realizing I was not at the top of my game in each role that I had. I felt like the Jack– I mean, “Jane” of all Trades, Master of None. I was not pleased with that feeling like I was wearing myself thin trying to juggle everything at once, not achieving as much as I wanted to in the time that I wanted to—because it’s just impossible to do everything at once, all the time, being everywhere at once. I thought, how nice would it be if someone could just help me, like a personal assistant! It would help me be so much more efficient, and effective! If I could just get help in this area, I could better succeed and really be on top of things. I think life in general can be stressful, and overwhelming sometimes, especially as a business woman.

This is why I decided to be a virtual assistant for women globally. I had a deep desire to bring women groundbreaking success in their business with a little help from myself, the virtual assistant. I understand how hard it is to be a woman, an entrepreneur, a business professional and still juggle one’s personal life. That’s why I felt inclined to fulfill the needs of women in this business world and also aid in the personal growth of women. Truth be told, we are strong creatures of many hats, but we can’t do it all. We all need help at some point or another, to help propel our success forward and to help us focus on the things that matter versus the little things that take up so much of our time. We can better focus our time, energy, and passions into the more important things in our lives with the help of a virtual assistant. That’s why I dedicate myself to helping women thrive and prosper in their work.

I love mentoring women and helping them gain control of their lives, giving them more free time to do what they really want, while helping them make more money than ever before. I know how to provide effective strategies, ideas, support, guidance and accountability to ensure your success. I know, because I have walked in those shoes, and I have had a virtual assistant do these very things for me. I understood how important having a virtual assistant was, because it helped me be more successful, happier with the level of success achieved and I love being able to provide that for other women.

Committing to having me as your right hand virtual assistant is the first step towards empowering yourself and growing your business. Virtual Assistance will add so much value to your personal life, your business life, and you’ll be more confident in your success guaranteed. Do not hesitate any longer. Every woman achieves great success with the help of their virtual assistant. Contact me today, to become a master of your business and ask for your free trial: contact@womensglobalva.com

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  1. Kayla


    Yes, I totally agree – as a mom of 4 I do wear MANY hats and the days can seem quite exhausting!

    How does the process of having a virtual assistant work? Do you do contact your clients by phone, email, skype? All of the above?

    How do you spread yourself across multiple clients? I’m very intrigued! Where could I go to get more information?

    I’ve heard of VA’s before, but never really understood how to become one – but I can totally see the need for them!

    • Madelyn Galvez


      Thank you for your comment. I will be working on modifying my site to where it can answer all your questions. I appreciate your time and valuable comment. 

  2. Diana


    Sometimes I also feel exhausted with all my daily activities. Thinking about the goals I have to accomplish and how they have not been achieved is very stressful.

    I think a virtual assistant is a great idea, talking to someone who understands our struggle can be very helpful. Mentoring is also an important thing to achieve success.
    And… more free time? Who doesn’t want that, right?

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