Business Branding Tips & Strategies

Business Branding Tips & Strategies for Female Entrepreneurs

As a new business, branding yourself can be one of the most overwhelming parts of starting your business. But especially when you are creating your online presence, branding is key to getting your business well known and established. So here are a few tips and strategies I have learned along the way, that I know will help you too.

Tip 1. How do you want to be presented?

First, you have to ask yourself how would you like your audience or prospective clients to see you? If you’re in the art business you will want your brand to show your creativity and your unique style. If you’re in the corporate world, you’ll want a clean and professional look.

Strategy: You’ll want to consider, what is the vision for your business? This will become the vision for your brand.

Tip 2. What is the purpose of your brand?

Your brand relies on truly what is the message, purpose, and identity of your business? You want your brand to be clear in what you want to achieve with your business and you also want it to have its own unique personality. You want to have a purpose driven business, therefore a purpose driven brand.

Strategy: This would be a good time to consider what the mission of your business is.

Tip 3. What niche or industry do you specialize in?

Have you chosen your niche? Your brand revolves around your niche. So if you haven’t figured that part out yet, do so.

Strategy: Think about your passions, skills, and great qualities that make you and your business an asset.

Tip 4. What value are you adding to your target market?

Whatever you choose in branding yourself, you want it to be genuine to who you are & what your brand represents. When people come to your page you want your audience to know your voice, to want to engage with you, and to remember you. You also want your audience to walk away feeling that your brand has contributed to adding value to them in some way.

Strategy: It is important to consider: What are the values and culture you want your brand to represent?

Tip 5. Are you being consistent?

Consistency is key! It is so important that when you are branding yourself, you present yourself consistently in every platform, whether that’s social media, email, blog,  over the phone. It all has to be consistent. What does that mean?

Strategy: That means on your social media, on your emails, on your products, services, any form of contact with your customers, even your personal life it needs to all be consistent. Your color themes, your fonts, your headers, your signature, your marketing, logos, graphics, the way you dress etc, it all needs to flow together.

Successful business branding can make your business and the lack thereof can break it. It is important for a thriving business to establish their brand effectively so that it leaves a long lasting impression on new and repeat customers or clients.



I would love to hear from you. Leave in the comments branding tips that have helped you with your business. 



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  1. Reply

    Hello Thank you for sharing the tips for online business. I remember going through these in my school of business but as time flies by and you dont use the skills, it all fades away. Thank you refreshing them.


  2. hong


    I loved your post, I could definitely use some of these tips. I totally agree with you that it is important that internet markets are not just promoting bunch stuff on their website that has little content or value to people. If someone visits a website and finds little value to it, it’s likely they are going to leave, people simply don’t like to be taken advantage of. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Reply

      That’s so true Hong. Quality content that adds value is what keeps your audience wanting to come back for more. People want to know how you can add value to their life, and that’s what I love about your content as well. You totally hit the nail on that point for sure!

      Madelyn G.

  3. Brandon


    I like the ideas outlined here, Madely, such a good job. Your first tip reminded me of something I learned about a year ago. I watched a video where this guy who said YOU can be whoever you want to be and you can be named whatever you want to be named.

    How does this happen? For example: If you call yourself “the baking guru” for a long time (taking into consideration that you actually are), people will start picking up on it and will also start calling you that. Before you know it you’ll become the best baker in town that knows everything about it.

    It will be like a snowball effect, where your name will stumble into the online world and you will literally become “the baking guru”. It’s amazing how powerful it can be if used correctly.

    Thanks for such a good article 🙂

  4. Kavinah


    I do struggle with this branding issue and I am taking some tips from your article. I think one of the problems is being consistent. I think this is where things fall apart for most people.
    I don’t understand what dressing has to do with branding in the way you’ve mentioned. Do elaborate.

    • Madelyn Galvez


      Hi Kavinah, 

      I agree that consistency can be one of the greatest struggles when branding. I ended up creating a branding board, and this really helped me stick to the same things. I always refer back to it. If you haven’t done one yet, I highly recommend it! 

      As for the dressing, that depends on what your niche is and what industry you’re working in.

      Personal branding is just as important as business branding. 

      An example, I have a fellow VA who’s branding and work is superb. However,  she’s lost a few high level clients. Given the nature of our work, we have the wonderful freedom of working from home. Problem is when she went into video conferences with them, she was in her pajamas and that attire was not consistent with her online branding, resulting in termination of her contract. It sounds crazy, but it happens.  

      I also mean, like if you’re presenting a professional service you want to dress according to your brand  even in your  personal life, because let’s say someone is promoting a brand that is animal cruelty-free but you see them in person and they are wearing fur coats, or you check out their personal social media and every profile  photo they are wearing fur coats and leathered shoes. What I mean is sometimes people’s clothing  can  contradict their brand and so it’s important to be consistent in all areas. Personal as well as business. 

      This is not to say such extreme like someone that brands personal training means they always have to wear fitness gear 24/7.  But I just mean, I think it’s important to  dress according to what is appropriate for your brand and audience. 

      Thanks for taking your time to take some of these tips for your own branding!  

  5. Sharon Whyte


    Hi Madelyn,
    These are really good tips for branding. A few years ago I did a blog that was branding me and I totally felt uncomfortable with it. Even though I was providing value, I still did not feel authorative or right in the position I was trying to be. Which almost comes down to fake it till you make it. Nowadays, I am doing a blog about online business opportunities and sharing marketing tips and online business ideas and really enjoying that instead. Good article and thanks fro sharing!

    • Madelyn Galvez


      Hello Sharon!

      It’s a learning journey to find what we are comfortable writing about with authority. I know I’m totally new to blogging, so I definitely understand the fake it till ya make it idea. But, as you said, you provided value & that’s something I hope I have provided here, as I found value in it for my business personally walking through these steps as well. 

      Thank you for taking your time to comment. Great connecting with you! 

  6. Reply

    Hi Madelyn,
    These are really good tips for branding. A few years ago I did a blog that was branding me and I totally felt uncomfortable with it. Even though I was providing value, I still did not feel authorative or right in the position I was trying to be. Which almost comes down to fake it till you make it. Nowadays, I am doing a blog about online business opportunities and sharing marketing tips and online business ideas and really enjoying that instead. Good article and thanks fro sharing!

  7. Virpi Rajastila


    This was really helpful blog. It is hard to understand the meaning of branding but your tips make it easier to work towards branding.
    This really made me think if I am useing all the tips you said and I am not.
    I can see that you have the needed knowledge to give this type of info and you make it easy to read. There wasn’t anything not relevant added but it was a line from A to B.
    Thank You for this post.

    • Madelyn Galvez


      I’m so happy that this knowledge shared was helpful to you. Thank you for taking the time to comment.  

  8. Ilias


    You answer some questions that most people need to answer before starting an online business.

    I am not sure that I can answer them for my site and this could be the reason that I have not great results until now.

    However, I am consistent and I learn new things daily. I guess that it will help me to improve my skills and get better results.

    • Madelyn Galvez


      Glad it helped you to reflect so that you could better improve your site/business. Constant progression, love that! Keep at it! Wishing you the best. 

  9. Cathy


    Reading this article gives me a better understanding on what branding is all about. We are just starting out our pie shop in town, very new and no one really knows about it yet.

    Instead of the traditional way, we have been thinking of going online and grow our presence in the virtual space, but there are many things we don’t know how to do besides creating a business page on Facebook.

    We are also at the point of coming up with the right logo. Do you have any recommended tools/suggestions for this? Appreciate whatever tips you can share. Thanks.

    • Madelyn Galvez


      Hi Cathy, 

      I am so excited that you decided to take your business online. I feel that the potential for your business growth is absolutely limitless when you utilize social media effectively. Feel free to check out my Social Media Management packages, if this is something you are interested in. 

      I would recommend starting with a branding board. If you are an established business already, this should be a rather easy task. This will be able to give you a clear vision of what your logo should reflect. Do you have a professional doing the logo for you? I know plenty who have created their own logo with limited technical skills and utilized Canva (free) to create their logo. You can also go ahead and create your whole branding board there too. 

      But if you’re looking for a professional, I can assist you. Feel free to email me at: and attach drafts or ideas you have in mind, and your social media links & website so I can get a feel of your brand.  If you have already created a branding board, attach that too 🙂 If you do not have one but would like one, I can assist you with that too. 

      Feel free to email me! Look forward to chatting with you soon!  

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