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In 2015 I became a stay-at-home mom. Prior to being a stay at home mom, I was a child educator. I joined a direct sales company that went well with my background. When searching high and low for legitimate work-from-home job opportunities, there were a million and one direct sales companies to join. Of course, jumping on someone else’s bandwagon is the easiest thing to do when you do not have a big budget and are looking to start making money now. But honestly, for me, direct sales just wasn’t my thing. I then came upon virtual assistance and what I love about it is that if you have a computer or even just a phone with internet, you can be a virtual assistant too. Instead of trying to sell people products, you can sell them the value of your skills and rather than becoming a salesy burden lady you become the go-to asset that people need in their lives! The potential for virtual assistance is honestly limitless and really what it boils down to is, what are you great at that can add value to others that you can do online or over the phone?

When I made this list, I included all the things I thought I was best at that could help my particular niche, which is small business women. If you want to see my list you can check it out by clicking here. I basically broke down some of my skills into four categories:

1. Organization & Maintenence

2. Coordination

3. Marketing & Growth Development

4. Personal Services

5. Advanced Services

& lastly I included programs I am proficient in, just in case the services I listed did not include a task a client would potentially need completed that I am capable of completing but had not yet listed.

I share this with you today to hopefully spark some ideas at some skills that you can turn into services that you can offer others and start making an income from home starting now as a virtual assistant. The best thing about being a virtual assistant is that you are using your best skills and using them to add value to others. Also if you thought direct sales was the only way to make an income from home, I am here to tell you girrrrrl there’s a whole other world of opportunities waiting for you to just know that you can thrive by being the best version of you and offering that to the world to add value. Yes, yes, you’ll hear me say this a million times, add value, add value, add value! Put value first, and I promise you, you can make a limitless income from home.

So if you’ve gotten this far and you’re thinking, becoming a virtual assistant sounds pretty awesome but have some questions, I’m here to answer your questions. Feel free to leave questions in the comments as well and I will gladly assist you on this journey. Let’s go over some basics first:

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are independent contractors who provide a wide range of administrative, technical, or creative business services to clients by utilizing today’s modern technology. By working virtually, you can provide services and support world-wide, so really the potential is limitless!

How much do Virtual Assistants make?

It depends what country you live in. I’m based in the United States and I would say average starting rates are between $20-$25/Hour and from there the income potential is once again, limitless. You decide your own pay and with experience and refining or even building new skills, your income potential increases.

How do I get started as a Virtual Assistant?

I would suggest make a list of your administrative, technical, and creative skills and then targeting 3 main skills you are strongest at.  Find out your “niche” and pitch to your target market how you can add value to them. Your first clients can even be family, friends, or aquaintances. But do not be afraid to venture out and reach out to strangers too. Social Media is a great platform to network and connect with new and potential clients.

What services can I offer?

The sky is the limit. Think about what you are passionate about, what you are great at, and what you would love to do for the rest of your life happily. Then frame this into how can this add value to others and who is it that you wan tto add value to? Your answer will be found there.


If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant because you are looking to work from home but you need extra assistance because maybe you just don’t know how to get going, feel free to email me at and I will answer your questions promptly. You can also book a free 15 Minute Consultation with me and I can address your questions over the phone by scheduling with me here:

Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home- Start Your Business Today

Feel free to check out Virtual Assistant Job Opportunities where I post VA jobs weekly. You can apply to any of them. I am not associated with any of the jobs posted. I just search for them and post what appears to be legitimate VA job opportunities.


If you are an employer, or someone looking to hire a VA or even looking to subcontract please feel free to post your job here and I will pitch it to credible VA’s that meet your needs if for some reason I do not offer that service myself.


Most of these jobs will be U.S. based but if you are in a particular country and are looking for work in your country, email me and I will be sure to post job opportunities from there or try to link you with potential opportunities. This is all completely free simply because I love to see fellow women succeed in life and thrive to reach their full potential. So I hope you can all take this opportunity to open a world of opportunities, now is that time.






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