Join Virtual Assistant Bootcamp: Earn Full Time Income From Home

Join the Virtual Assistant Bootcamp: Start Your Online Business & Earn a Full Time Income From Home

You want to have a full-time income from home but you don’t know how. Let me tell you the story of how I became a Virtual Assistant utilizing the Virtual Assistant Bootcamp by Abbey Ashley when I least expected that this would be something I would do!

I hope that if you are in a position where you are wanting to make an income from home whether you are a stay at home mom or just a woman with the desire to live your dream of working from home, know that it is possible and I’m going to explain how you can make that dream a reality!

A little background information about me: I was an educator for over 6 years, before I became a stay-at-home-mom. It was a hard decision to leave my job, because I loved what I did, but I understood my new role and purpose in life was to be at home raising my daughter. It was what I felt was best for my child.

Soon after, came the time when I felt she was old enough where I could return to work and not feel totally guilty because I was able to be a stay at home mom through all her milestones thanks to the love and support I had.

I enrolled my daughter in school at age two, and then I realized that having her in school or daycare at such a young age is so hard for the both of us because we had built such a strong bond, it just broke my heart to see her so devastated each morning that I had to drop her off.

It was then that I needed to have a business from home, so that I could have my daughter at home with me. But not just any business. I had tried direct sales from home previously selling great products, but what I found with my experience was that 1) I’m not that great at sales and 2) I felt like I was investing so much time building a company that ten, twenty, thirty years from now may not even exist or be fulfilling for me in my life.

I wanted to build something of my own. A business that I could start from scratch at a time where I was starting from absolutely nothing, and I had a vision that it would grow and succeed and one day it would be an empire I could pass along to my daughter. But also as I learned through the steps of trials and successes, I wanted other women and mothers to know that it is possible to be a full time work from home mom and still manage the home life (kids, husband, pets, whatever it may be for you).

I came across a ton of direct sales companies many were MLMs and tons of ladies shared their successes. I get that many women can find success in that avenue, but it wasn’t something I was called to. I just knew I had to have my own business and run business on my own terms and not be a part of what someone else business. I wanted a business of my own that would prosper so that I could help other women in similar shoes to live the life and purpose they love with the skills and passion they have no matter what their current situation is.

In September 2017, I made my business official. While still trying to figure out the ropes to this new business idea I had of virtual assistance, I came across the VA Bootcamp by Abbey Ashley which was a godsend honestly lol. Previous to joining the bootcamp I was google everything like a madwoman and let me tell you that when you join this bootcamp, it is so amazing, filled with a great community that is there to support you through every actionable lesson of this incredible training.

She has a very easy to follow, action based course that is open for enrollment now. Enrollment ends February 02, 2018. So if you’re looking to enroll, get it right now because she only opens once a year! I get that it’s a huge investment! When I signed up, I was so worried about the investment cost. But, once I went through each module, I realized, WOW, that investment is a penny in a bucket because the value, content and potential income you can make following these blueprints is ultimately limitless.

Here is a quick inside look at what the VA Bootcamp course has to offer:

Additionally, she has a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love the course. I promise you, you will love it, and won’t regret it. Additionally, if you are needing more support, she has a VA Bootcamp facebook group specifically for those who have the VA Bootcamp, and here is a  public facebook group she has for Virtual Assistants: Virtual Assistant Savvies

You can also join my Facebook group at Business Savvy Virtual Assistants and if you have any questions I will be happy to help you every step of the way with your business. I look forward to seeing you ladies on the inside and helping your online business grow to make your dreams come true!

When you sign up today, you get 10 Hours FREE of any of my services at to claim them email me at and you also get amazing additional bonuses provided by The Virtual Savvy:

>> Click Here to Join the Virtual Assistant Bootcamp <<

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