Why Your Thriving Business Needs a Social Media Manager for GroundBreaking Success Right Now!

Here is why your thriving business needs a Social Media Manager for groundbreaking success right now!

Social Media can be fun and it is a great way to reach our customers and audience and to put our message and brand out there. But truth be told, it can also be extremely time-consuming. Also, if you do not have a social media strategy in place, it is easily a time waster, that will result in a whole lot of time invested with little to no return.

As a Social Media Manager, I do not randomly schedule beautiful, creative post for you weekly. This method will not produce results. Rather, I help you create a social media strategy that will produce results.

By hiring me as your Social Media Manager you are allowing yourself free time to focus on more important income-generating aspects of your business that will help your business thrive. Social Media Managers are a must have these days! Did you know that the wealthiest people are not boggled down by the minuscule tasks but rather they are investing their time into money-generating tasks. This is why you hire a Social Media Manager as myself to handle the small things while you go out and work on achieving the money-making goals for groundbreaking success!

Here are a few things I can help you with:

  • Managing Social Media Campaigns
  • Manage Social Media Presence
  • Brand Advocacy
  • Community Outreach
  • Build a Network
  • Post & Comment
  • Niche Content Curation
  • Graphic Curation
  • Engage with Audience
  • Create and Maintain Social Media Editorial Calendar
  • Schedule & Publish Posting
  • Proofreading Posts
  • Marketing & Market Research
  • Contest Management

⬇︎Here are a few packages I offer⬇︎

Social Media Management Packages


If you are in need of something specific, feel free to email me at: hello@womensglobalva.com and I can put together a package that meets your Social Media needs!

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  1. Dr. Doug


    I recently read a tutorial where the author said that any online business must plan for success by knowing already what tasks they will be hiring out since you cant do it all. Your list of what is handled by a social media manager is a good starting pont for that. I am not yet at the point of hiring help with my blog, but you really helped clarify what end of my business could be handed off to someone else. Thank you.

    • Madelyn Galvez


      Absolutely. It allows business owners to spend more time on money generating task instead of being boggled down with the smaller task. So I think that’s really the ultimate goal, to be able to have a business run on it’s own two feet, while we have passive income coming in even as we sleep hah, and it allows business owners to focus on the next level of generating more wealth or reaching new milestones for success. I look forward to your success, and glad that this blog helped you understand some of the task that can be outsourced for your future business success!  

  2. Amhil


    You are absolutely right in addressing the issue of social media marketing for business’s. If I were to pursue other ways to promote my website I would most certainly look at doing so through the use of social media platforms. Considering that I’m no expert in social media marketing it definitely seems like the most logical thing to hire someone who is actually great at it. For now however, I’m just working on building the foundation of my business (baby steps) but once I’m ready, hiring for help in this field wouldn’t be too bad a shout.

    • Madelyn Galvez


      You’re absolutely right that hiring an expert just makes sense, right?! So many small business owners try to do it themselves and more than often are spending a lot of time trying to figure it out or spending a ton of time on social media with zero results when they could be focusing on more important matters in their business that can propel their business forward to the next level of success. That’s why it is so important to go to the experts 🙂 I look forward to your business success and am excited for when you do reach the point of deciding to hire a Social Media Manager, as I know the results will be rewarding for your business success. 

  3. Margaret


    As a small business owner myself I can attest to the enormous amount of time social media can take up. The idea of a social media manager is fantastic – and I can certainly see this being the perfect solution for many small businesses. You can’t afford not to be on social media but it can also cost you a lot in terms of time. This solution seems like a win-win. Thanks for the interesting post.

    • Madelyn Galvez


      Absolutely a win-win situation 🙂 and if you ever need help with social media, I would gladly help. 

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