knowing your why in business

Knowing Your “Why” in Business

On January 7th, I launched our first 5-Day Course: Design the Life You Love with Virtual Assistance and the topic we covered was knowing your why in your business. Today I’m talking about why knowing your “why” is so vital to your business success. When I started my business in 2017, I had a “WHY” before…

Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business with No Experience

Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business with NO Experience!

What’s stopping you from starting your virtual assistant business? Is it the fact that you have no Virtual Assistant (VA) experience? Don’t let that hold you back! Truth is, many highly successful virtual assistants started the same way. You can start your virtual assistant business with NO experience!

Become a Virtual Assistant

Start Your Own Journey to Become a Virtual Assistant You’re looking to start your business but not quite sure where to start. Get this Business Savvy Virtual Assistant: Starter Guide, to make sure you’ve got all your essentials covered! Looking for more support in what steps to take next?  Join the Business Savvy Virtual Assistants…

Women's Global Virtual Assistant

Women’s Global Virtual Assistant

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Top 5: Facebook Groups for Networking & Job Opportunities

I often get the questions: Where can I find out more about being a virtual assistant? Where can I find my ideal clients? Where can I find job opportunities? If you are wondering where to find clients, I recommend that you check out my last post on the Virtual Assistants Guide to Finding Clients. Today…

relationship based marketing

Virtual Assistance: Relationship Based Marketing

Virtual Assistant Marketing One of the things I absolutely love about being a virtual assistant is building relationships with my clients. Before I was a virtual assistant, I tried doing direct sales from home and what I did not like was trying to sell and advertise. Today we are going to talk about the marketing…

40 Skills You Can Turn Into a Profitable Virtual Assistance Business

Are you interested in starting your own virtual assistance business but you are not really sure what skills you can utilize to start your business? I’ve put together a list of 40 skills that you can turn into a profitable virtual assistance. 🙂 Please make sure to approve your confirmation email once you sign up.…