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2018 Social Media Photo Cheat Sheet Guide

If you’re like me, you are tired of having to google what the latest photo dimensions are for Social Media. Every year they change, and so the other day when I was googling a simple sizing for Facebook, the answers always came up differently. Talk about frustrating and really a waste of time.

As business owners, we want to optimize our time to be the most effective and efficient and so I decided to put together this really helpful  Social Media Photo Cheat Sheet Guide that is totally free! Now you can easily refer to this guide any time and know exactly what the most current photo dimensions are in 2018. The dimensions found on this graphic are the most optimal for each Social Media outlet ?

Instantly download this free Social Media Photo Size Cheat Sheet to easily and quickly refer to this guide when creating Social Media images.

Click the image below to instantly download it, and if you love it and find it helpful, make sure to share it on your Social Media.?

Social Media Photo Size Cheat Sheet


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*These dimensions are accurate at time of posting. Changes may be made any time within the year, so if you find this outdated within 2018, please feel free to comment below for corrections.*


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