Self Motivation for Entrepreneurial Women

Not feeling self motivated in your business today? Now that January is over, we have a brand new month to start something super exciting! Connect with other entrepreneurial women to help inspire, nurture, and support you to accomplish your goals and kickstart your self motivation to a whole new level.

I woke up today totally unmotivated. I mean I know this might be too much information but it’s about to be that time of the month for me if you get what I’m sayin’, and so my body is like in complete shutdown mode. I’m ready for some R&R!

But here’s the thing, even though I wish today was a Netflix and chill kind of day, I have so much work to get done to crush my goals this month.

So I posted on Instagram because I love to hear what you have to say regarding self motivation:

What do you do to kick yourself into gear when you lack motivation?

I asked you to share with me your helpful tips on self-motivation.

Someone said, “Surround yourself with those that want to see you succeed” and I LOVE that!

I think that definitely plays a key role because even when you don’t feel motivated if you have people around you that nurture the best in you then they will help you stay focused, and push you to accomplish those goals.

Not everyone has that kind of support though, or they do not know where to find someone that supports them because honestly, not everyone understands entrepreneurship. If you are looking for amazing entrepreneurial women that are looking to uplift, inspire, nurture, and hold one another accountable to help each other thrive, connect with us at the Business Savvy Virtual Assistants Group on Facebook and let’s chat and get to know each other!

Some other great comments from you all included these tips on self motivation:

  1. Remind yourself the consistency is key
  2. Do at least one thing that way you accomplished something today
  3. Reward yourself for the little things
  4. Remind yourself how good it feels to accomplish and achieve
  5. Exercise to refocus your mind
  6. Read your favorite blogs or books for inspiration
  7. Take time to reflect and brainstorm

For me personally, I am going to treat myself to a good meal, complete some of the laid back tasks (respond to emails, create graphics), eat some chocolate, organize my office, reflect on my goals, and read a good book.

If you have any great tips on self motivation or would like to share what you do to stay motivated, please share in the comments section and know that your words have the power to encourage, inspire, nurture, and motivate others!

Don’t forget to connect!

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