• Creation of a project plan, including timeline, process, people and other resources †
  • Setup and maintenance of an online project management tool †
  • Delegating details of the project to various team members †
  • Communication of project status and ongoing details to team †
  • Following-up with team as necessary to ensure that “stuff gets done” on time †
  • Managing the budget for the project †
  • Handling challenges for the project as they arise, with a focus on finding a solution quick


  • Identify team needs based on current business goals and projects †
  • Create measures of success for the role † Determine what type of specialist would be the best fit †
  • Craft job posting/details †
  • Blast opportunity out there via various networks †
  • Filter initial responses and review portfolios 
  • Set up interviews †
  • Narrow choices after initial interviews and request proposal †
  • Set up second interview (if necessary) †
  • Check references from other clients †
  • Review proposals from preferred candidates †
  • Making the offer to selected candidate † Ensure there is a signed contract in place for all hires †
  • Create communication plan with new team members †
  • Get them proper information and/or training for their role
  • † Handling team challenges as they arise
  • Managing the team budget and expenses


  • New WP Design or Refresher
  • Review content on all websites to look for outdated or incorrect information
  • Managing all updates to website content
  • Managing the creation of any new websites
  • Finding and managing web/blog designers, graphic designers and copywriters as required
  • Setting up everything “behind the subscribe button” for list building
  • Setting up everything “behind the buy button” for purchases †
  • Testing all links, forms and buy buttons on the website to look for errors and inconsistencies †
  • Ensuring Google Analytics (or some other statistics program) is in place on all websites


  • Setup a launch plan based on strategy from the business owner †
  • Ensure that key players are in place for each stage of the launch †
  • Establish a clear promotional schedule for each phase of the launch †
  • Work with a copywriter for launch materials (if necessary) †
  • Work with affiliate partners (as outlined in next section) †
  • Manage creation of the sales page †
  • Keep everyone on task throughout the launch and stay on top of any “dropped balls” †
  • Provide support as needed throughout the launch †
  • Be “on call” the day of the launch to take care of any urgencies/changes †
  • Update all websites and other marketing materials after the launch †
  • Ensure that the offering itself is delivered as promised


  • Setup & Optimize Business Social Media Accounts
  • Strategy & Planning Session
  • Weekly Follow Ups
  • Metric Reporting
  • Content/ Editorial Calendar
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Scheduling/ Posting
  • Custom Graphics
  • Stock Photos


  • Company Inbox organized and managed
  • Emails forwarded to team members
  • Priority emails forwarded to business owner
  • Email Marketing Systems Implemented
  • Automations & Sequences Setup
  • Forms and Optins Created and Implemented
  • Updated Email List
  • Email Marketing Calendar
  • Email Marketing Strategy


  • Generating Content Ideas
  • Blog Content Curation
  • Blog Formatting
  • Editorial Publishing Calendar
  • Blog Graphics
  • Audience Relationship Management
  • Content Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization



  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Web Management
  • Launch Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Management

Systems & Processes Management

We handle all your processes and systems so that they are streamlined and flowing easily. 

We cover everything from: 

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Offboarding Process

Course Process

CRM System Management

Email Marketing System Management

Social Media System Management

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