Words of Encouragement for Entrepreneurial Women

Are you an entrepreneurial woman facing adversity today?

Well, me too.

I realized something today. When you’re closest to achieving your success, your breakthrough, that is when you will be in a war with those trying that oppose you, trying to bring you down. It is so important to associate with people that inspire you, encourage you, and challenge you to rise higher.  Do not waste your valuable time or breath on people that are either not adding to your growth or are hindering it. Surround yourself with positive people, and always persevere, never give up. No matter what anyone says, always believe in yourself.

Often times I find people offering “good” advice with “good intentions” but it is the blind trying to lead the one with sight. There will be many that say you can’t do something, many who will doubt you despite your proven successes, and those that will make attempts to destroy your success whether intentional or not, it happens even with the people we least expect.

Know that you should never follow someone’s “good” advice if they aren’t wiser or more successful than you and even then you should always follow your gut first.

Do Not Limit Yourself to Small Thinking

I was in a forum and someone said she wanted to be a millionaire. Someone laughed and said to aim at something more realistic, like making $1k/mo. That’s another thing. Make absolutely no room in your life, in your mind for small thinking. If you have a big vision, it is perfectly okay to dream big, because success begins with your state of mind. If you believe you can, you will. If you believe you can’t, then you won’t.

Nurture Your Strengths & Believe in Yourself

I know for me personally, today I had people left and right telling me I can’t do this, can’t do that, won’t succeed in this, and I realized, the people you need in your life should be real with you, but you also need people that nurture your strengths and do not drag you down for your weaknesses. Sometimes, weaknesses become our greatest strengths. At the end of the day, I brushed it all off.  I realized I am way too focused, too determined, and too motivated to let anyone’s doubt impact my decisions. Whether people believe in me or not, I believe in myself, and it is not up to them to determine my fate, it is up to me, and I say that if you can dream it and God wills  it, then be confident and know that it is already yours and will certainly come to fruition,  regardless of what the naysayers babble on about. Let em’ talk, while you walk your walk.

No doubt that being a female entrepreneur is tough stuff. Only you really know what you’re capable of. There is a world of opportunity and possibilities and in case no one has told you today– I BELIEVE IN YOU. YOU CAN & YOU WILL MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. 

Stay Focused, Motivated, Encouraged, & Inspired Ladies!

Positive vibes to you & keep thriving!

Kindly- Madelyn Galvez

Connect: Let me know in the comments, what inspires you and motivates you? Also, how do you deal with negative people that doubt your success?

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