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Google Page Speed Tool

Optimize Your Website Speed

Optimize Your Website’s Desktop and Mobile Speed for FREE! YAY! So you’ve finally got your website together. How exciting! Congrats on getting this far. But now you need to make sure its performance level is at 100%. Page speed is so important. Imagine going to a site, and it takes forever to load? Chances are

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Social Media Setup Virtual Assistant

Multiple Social Media Management

There are so many options regarding social media. I understand how hard it can be to manage them all. My job in social media management to relieve your stresses from all that work, so that you can focus on the things that matter in your business. How do I know which social media option is

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FREE Blog Post Planner

FREE Printable Blog Post Planner (Instant Download)

Free Printable Blog Post Planner (Instant Download) DOWNLOAD PDF Hello Ladies! Here’s an easy and efficient way to plan and organize your future blog post. I use this template myself. I hope that it will help you stay organized and be more efficient in your blog post planning. If you have any request in something you would

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Encouraging Words: Entrepreneurial Women Persevering

Words of Encouragement for Entrepreneurial Women

Are you an entrepreneurial woman facing adversity today? Well, me too. I realized something today. When you’re closest to achieving your success, your breakthrough, that is when you will be in a war with those trying that oppose you, trying to bring you down. It is so important to associate with people that inspire you, encourage

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Build your own website & blog

Women Entrepreneurs: Build A Successful Online Business

You’re an entrepreneur ready to make your mark in the internet world, but you have no idea where to start. Sure you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars getting this information in college, or you can research the heck out of everything online and your local resources. But eventually you will get to the

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Email Addresses Your Business Needs

In this digital age, there is a certain amount of professionalism expected by your clients, or potential clients when it comes to emailing. It is important that your business has the right form of communication readily organized and prepared for your business’s future growth. If you have not done so already, I highly encourage you

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8 Keys to Success for Entreprenue

8 Keys to Success for Entrepreneur Women

What is the difference between successful women and women who do not actualize their dreams? Here are 8 Keys to Success for Entrepreneur Women. 1. Successful women set SMART goals. First, it’s important that if you have a dream, you need to have SMART goals to make that dream a reality. What are SMART goals?

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Top 5: Facebook Groups for Networking & Job Opportunities

I often get the questions: Where can I find out more about being a virtual assistant? Where can I find my ideal clients? Where can I find job opportunities? If you are wondering where to find clients, I recommend that you check out my last post on the Virtual Assistants Guide to Finding Clients. Today

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Virtual Assistants Guide to Finding Clients

One of the most common questions I receive is: “Where do I get clients?” The biggest concern is: “I have no idea where to find clients?” First thing I would recommend is heading over to our FREE Resource Library and downloading “Identifying Your Ideal Client/ Target Market” These fillable/printable PDFs will help you key in

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starting your virtual assistance business

Basics in Starting Your Virtual Assistance Business

Basics in Starting Your Virtual Assistance Business Today I wanted to talk about some basics in starting your virtual assistant business. 1. Establish Your Legalities I would say one of the first things you want to do when starting your virtual assistance business is to get all your legal matters under control, and that goes

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relationship based marketing

Virtual Assistance: Relationship Based Marketing

Virtual Assistant Marketing One of the things I absolutely love about being a virtual assistant is building relationships with my clients. Before I was a virtual assistant, I tried doing direct sales from home and what I did not like was trying to sell and advertise. Today we are going to talk about the marketing

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Create a Mood Board with Canva

Create Your Own Mood Board for FREE with Canva

Now you can create the vision for your business brand by creating a free mood board with Canva. Join a supportive online community of female entrepreneurs to help you create your mood board for your business or your client’s business. What is Mood Board? A mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, text, and other media

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Self Motivation for Female Entrepreneurs

Self Motivation for Entrepreneurial Women

Not feeling self motivated in your business today? Now that January is over, we have a brand new month to start something super exciting! Connect with other entrepreneurial women to help inspire, nurture, and support you to accomplish your goals and kickstart your self motivation to a whole new level. I woke up today totally

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Social Media Photo Size Cheat Sheet

Social Media Photo Size Cheat Sheet⎟Instant Download

2018 Social Media Photo Cheat Sheet Guide If you’re like me, you are tired of having to google what the latest photo dimensions are for Social Media. Every year they change, and so the other day when I was googling a simple sizing for Facebook, the answers always came up differently. Talk about frustrating and

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