Generating Blog Content Ideas

Feeling Stuck? Not sure what your next blog should be? I can help. Talk to me about your major topics & I will do the rest to help you come up with fresh new content ideas!
• Keyword Research
• Competitor Research
• Phone/Email Support

Blog Content Curation

Need someone to ghostwrite for you? I do all the work for you. You just come up with the topics.
• Write & Schedule Post
• Blog Post (Your Topic Choice) + SEO Optimized
• 4 Images in Post (Provided by Client)

Blog Formatting

Formatting your blog takes time. Assigning this task to me, helps your efficiency and overall productivity so that you will only need to view the final draft and hit publish!
I will revise till you are 100% satisfied!

Editorial Publishing Calendar

Need help creating and/or maintaining your editorial publishing calendar? I can help. Whether you want to publish more content, the same amount or even less– the challenge of planning, publishing, and sharing that content is resolved with your content marketing editorial publishing calendar.

Blog Graphics

Need graphics for your blogs or social media to promote your blog? Get your beautifully branded graphics today!

Audience Relationship Management

Maintaining a relationship with your audience is so important. I will reply and manage all comments on your blog or respond to emails sent to your blog email address.
Here’s what’s included:
• Reply to Messages
• Manage Comments
• Email Response

Content Editing

Making sure that your content is readable for your audience with no errors or mistakes
Here’s what’s included:
• Edit previously written post for grammar and readability
• Website content copyediting and proofreading


Search Engine Optimization

Get your business known and recognized by getting on top of the search engine map.