8 Keys to Success for Entrepreneur Women

What is the difference between successful women and women who do not actualize their dreams? Here are 8 Keys to Success for Entrepreneur Women.

1. Successful women set SMART goals.

First, it’s important that if you have a dream, you need to have SMART goals to make that dream a reality. What are SMART goals? They are:
Specific: Think specific in detail, who, what, when, where, why.
Measurable: How will you evaluate when this goal is reached or when milestones have been accomplished toward this goal?
Achievable: Is your dream realistic? It’s always good to set goals that challenge us a bit beyond our reach. But let’s be real, if you say, you want to wake up a billionaire by tomorrow and have not taken the steps to make that a reality, then obviously, that’s not achievable. Set something realistic.
Relevant: How does your goal tie into your dream, into abilities, your skills, your interest, your life, your objectives?
Time-Bound: Set times and dates of when you would have your goals accomplished by. This is so important. Goals that are time sensitive are much more likely to be accomplished than goals that do not have deadlines because those soon turn into “Well, someday… AKA…NEVER!”

2. Successful women set high expectations.

It’s important to challenge yourself. If you set goals or have dreams that are limited by fears, excuses, or circumstances you cannot see beyond, the truth is you will not be as successful as you hope to be. Remember not to ever settle, and to always have faith.

3. Successful women focus on solutions and do not live on excuses.

Fear is a HUGE dream killer. It can make us believe false things like that our dreams are never going to be attained, or that our dreams are too far reached, or that we aren’t good enough to deserve that level of success, or that we aren’t smart enough. Fear has a way of turning it’s ugly head on us and telling us that we aren’t enough or that we just don’t have enough to make it a reality ever. The biggest difference between a successful woman and one who does not achieve her dreams is that a successful woman has the mindset that sees solutions to every problem and obstacle and a successful woman perseveres and is resilient.
Important to note is that women who lead with confidence and faith, do experience fear, but they are not put at a stop because of it. When you persevere and are resilient, you attract opportunities, people, and resources that lead you into the fullness of your purpose and actualizing your dreams.

4. Successful women are genuinely themselves!

You may have a role model or someone you look up to as a mentor perhaps. You may think I wish I was just like them, living their kind of life. Some people think that by being so much like that person that they will achieve their level of success. But what’s important, is that there is only one unique YOU and there is only one of them. You can never be exactly them or live their exact life (that would be kind of creepy) but you can be you, and you can create your own life of success. You should always stay true to yourself and you will find that you will attract genuine people that fit into your life like the right puzzle piece in the big picture. If you try hard to act like someone else, then you won’t attract the right people in the end. Also ultimately, it’s extremely unhealthy to pretend to be something or someone you’re not!

5. Successful women are courageous.

Every step of the way on your road to success you will face some sort of obstacle, adversity, setback, unexpected problem. Successful women know how to get right back up from such problems and find the light in the dark. They make moves that are bold, and take courage and refuse to let anything stop them from succeeding.

6. Successful women nurture good relationships.

Ever heard of “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!”  Well, it’s true. Successful women do not spend time investing in bad relationships. Successful women are surrounded by supportive, caring, and like-minded individuals. If your circle is filled with negative people, people who are unsupportive or mentally cannot think on your level or beyond, then it’s time to change your circle of friends, family, acquaintances. Those we surround ourselves have deep influences in our level of success. Another great thing is that genuine deep connections can result in greater opportunities as well.

7. Successful women are always growing.

If you think that you’ve become an absolute expert in something and that there’s nothing else left to learn, then you’re in for a world of poverty because the world is constantly changing, industries are changing, technology, people, life, just absolutely everything changes second to second each day. Successful women understand that there is always room for growth and that learning is a life-long journey. Most importantly, women learn and grow from failures and mistakes.

8. Successful women live in the fullness of their purpose.

Successful women invest their time, effort, and dedicate themselves daily to taking steps toward achieving their goals, to achieve their dreams. It’s a constant effort that requires much discipline, faith, hope, perseverance, resilience, courage, authenticity, vulnerability, strength, love, support, wisdom, determination, and focus.

Let me know in the comments 3 ways you can change your life to become a successful entrepreneurial woman.

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